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Located in the emerging cultural mosaic of Austin, Texas, Christina Cole Abboud brings a global perspective to her native state after designing bespoke residences worldwide. 

Though the locales are diverse, her method is singular, resulting in refined, collected and sensible spaces that are true to the character of the people they serve. Never subject to the rigidity of themes or styles, but rather underpinned with narrative, her carefully edited designs find a natural harmony within existing environments and are able to evolve over time.



Christina's breadth of experience and studied practice is the result of collaborating on residential, commercial and institutional projects.

She complements her professional practice with her academic career, having taught Architectural and Urban Design and History at the Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC and Barcelona, Spain. She served four years as Director of the Barcelona Studio and Foreign Studies Program where she co-taught design with faculty from La Universitat de Seville and La Universitat de Politecnica de Catalunya. Most recently, Christina held the position of Director of International Programs in Architecture at the Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning.

She is an award-winning designer. She authored THE SPACE CASE, a design blog on the and has been published by ElleDecor, Harpers Bazaar Arabia and TLC.