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Beta-Plus Publishing (BE)

Generation Next - Architects & Interior Designers Defining Tomorrow

“Introducing the best young-designers-to-be, whether rule-breakers or defenders of tradition, upcoming architects design buildings and infrastructure that will define our cities for years to come. Their creativity, artistic drive, and commitment to innovation shapes the way we interact with the places we call home, whether that be urban center or rural retreat.


Hunker (US)

Who Needs an LBD When You Have These 15 Black Bedroom Ideas

“Despite the widespread belief that black walls make spaces appear smaller, a dark bedroom can actually feel very calm, spacious, and sophisticated.” 


Elle Decor (US)

House Tour- A Young Bachelor’s Architecturally-Inclined DC Loft

“In an old autobody shop, designer Christina Cole crafts a grown-up space for a budding art collector.”


Home and Design (US)

Rhythm & Light - a Cutting-edge Retreat That Communes with Nature

“Washington interior designer Christina Cole sought clean-lined, largely neutral furnishings  “to complement, rather than compete with the scenery,” she explains.